FAIST Microtech was born from the experience of the FAIST Group in the telecommunication markets for design and manufacture of RF Products and systems.

Based at Thornton Science Park in the North of England, which is an emerging centre of excellence for engineering and advanced manufacturing industries. A research and innovation hub that has operated as a Technology and Research Centre for over 75 years.

Our approach is customer focussed,  It is fundamental for us to understand your RF requirements, while working with you to create high performance RF solutions.

FAIST Microtech is a part of FAIST Group, a global partner with over 25 production sites in Europe, Asia and North America. A total manufacturing area of 2.3 million sq. ft. with more than 3500 employees worldwide.

FAIST Microtech Strategic Deliverables

RF design with an innovative approach

Manufacturing with global capability

Cost control with vertically integrated manufacturing

Customer and Product life cycle support

In-house vertically integrated capabilities

“RF design capability with integrated high volume manufacturing”

Since its inception in 1978, FAIST Group has grown into a multinational manufacturing powerhouse. We provide our clients with the most advanced technical solutions, helping them to both create their products and accomplish their goals.

Different processes and technologies yet the same vision: to help our clients make things happen.

To find more click here: www.faistgroup.com

FAIST Group: We Think Global

We have plants all over the world to answer to the customer needs.


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