FAIST Microtech was born from the experience of FAIST Group in telecommunication market for design and manufacture of RF Products and systems.

We are based at Thornton Science Park in the North of England, which is an emerging centre of excellence for engineering and advanced manufacturing industries. A research and innovation hub that has operated as a Technology and Research Centre for over 75 years.

Our approach is client focused. This is key to understand our client necessities and work with them to create high-performance RF solution capable of responding to the markets needs.

FAIST Microtech is a part of FAIST Group, a reliable global partner with over 25 production sites in Europe, Asia and North America. A total manufacturing area of 2.3 million sq. ft. with more than 3500 employees worldwide.

FAIST Microtech strategic deliverables

RF design with global capability

RF design and manufacturing expertise with technology innovations approach

Cost control and vertically integrated manufacturing

Product life cycle support

Our team

  • Andrew Wilde
    Andrew Wilde Managing Director

    Andrew has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing of RF Filters and proven experience in high volume companies worldwide. He has been part of the FAIST team for over 8 years now.

  • Alex Neely
    Alex Neely Principal RF Filter Engineer

    Alex’s work focuses on NPI of RF filters. He has a 20 years of experience within R&D, NPI, Continuous Improvement, Manufacturing Technical Support & Volume Manufacturing.

  • Garry Middleton Principal RF Active Engineer

    Garry has more than 20 years experience in RF/Analogue & Digital fields Design of high volume RF products for telecoms and automotive sectors. He has also extensive high reliability design experience for the Aerospace, Nuclear and Space Industries.

FAIST Microtech is part of FAIST Group.

Thirty five years of experience, research, and continuous innovation to respond to the market’s needs make FAIST Group the manufacturing powerhouse that it is today. We are capable of providing a large number of services and solutions to satisfy clients from very different sectors such as automotive, telecom or renewable energies.

Through consistent annual growth over the last 35 years FAIST has developed to global group of today. The company creates high value precision engineered components with absolute confidence, wherever and whenever needed.

FAIST’s worldwide plants feature state-of-the-art design, manufacturing and quality control equipment. All of them strictly adhere to FAIST Group’s principles of efficiency, cost effectiveness and synergy. They are tightly linked and can efficiently support each other for complementary capabilities and services.

FAIST Microtech: We think Global

We have plants all over the world to answer to the customer needs.

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