With an engineering team experienced in the design and supply of high volume, low cost products for the Telecom sector, we understand your need for products that require high selectivity and low PIM specification.

FAIST Microtech’s vertically integrated one stop shop, is able to offer our customers the ability to design & develop a fully finished product within any of our global facilities drastically reducing the risk and costs of dealing with a vast supplier base.


Our Engineering team has extensive experience in designing and supplying bespoke products for the defence markets and understands the need for ITAR free products designed & manufactured within the UK,  whether it be for ground, ship or airborne applications to withstand the harshest of requirements.

All the Microtech solutions can be manufactured to cope with extreme temperature ranges of -55 degC to +85 degC and harsh environmental requirements


Our Engineering team has broad experience in designing and supplying bespoke parts from a single unit to medium volumes in tight timescales. FAIST Microtech has in-house capabilities of design, machine from block, surface treatment and NPI,  whether for universities, test equipment, broadcast or R&D facilities, we can meet your specific needs.


Our team has a strong background in manufacturing high volume, low cost telecom RF Products and can offer one stop manufacturing capabilities. Working in partnership with customer’s our engineers help to optimise designs for manufacture, performance and cost or, simply build to print.

FAIST Microtech have the capability to provide a fully finished part, assembled, tuned and tested to the customer’s requirements.


Faist Microtech has designing and manufacturing RF filters for use in space from Cubesat to the ISS applications.

With satellite programs increasingly looking to use non S-Level components in order to bring space technology to a more affordable price, Faist Microtech are able to offer commercial filters that can cope with a space environment.

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