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FAIST Microtech combines RF design capability with integrated high volume manufacturing. An in-house service that includes final assembly, alignment and testing, reducing lead times, cost and project management issues .

A competitive advantage that enables FAIST Microtech to offer a different approach which includes:

  • Supply “cradle to grave” RF solutions
  • Take customer specification to mass production.
  • Provide a vertically integrated product manufacturing solution.
  • Reduce time to market for bespoke products

Our vertical integration allows us to supply volume products as a one-stop-shopWe work on individual products from the beginning to end of the manufacturing cycle with an automatic gated system that prevents any unit continuing until it has passed the necessary key operations.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

  • Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Assembly & Alignment

  • Testing

  • Product life cycle support

In-house integrated processes

FAIST  Microtech have a wide range of manufacturing processes and capabilities, in a plants all over the world.


FAIST Microtech is able to offer part design to meet your specific frequency specifications using a variety of tools including 3D electromagnetic simulation, thermal simulation, 3D CAD packages.


Internal tool marking for high volume products is key to ensure the right quality first time, our part design and internal tool shop work hand in hand to ensure that all products are design with volume manufacturing in mind.

Die Casting

Our diecasting machines range from 135T to 3500T machines, with full robotic control over ladleing, lubrification and part extraction we aheader to strick process controls.

Metal stamping
Sheet Metal

Our sheet metal processes include laser cutting, CNC stamping and hard tool stamping operations.

CNC Machining

Our extensive CNC machines capabilities include 5 axis machines both vertical and horizontal machining processes and specialized automated transfer lines for high volume applications.


FAIST has powder coating lines in-house with fully automated systems including spaying, We are able to offer selective masking on components.


Plating lines are used exclusively for RF filter products and can apply NI, Cu and Ag finishes using a innovative process.

plastic inj. moulding
Plastic inj. Moulding

We have extended capabilities as Robotic Pick & Place, centralized Drying and Conveying
System, UL Approved Molding Facilities. All the processes have computerized Quality Control.

Manual & Robotic Welding

FAIST guarantees a full range of welding: Fiber and CO2 Robotic Lasers, Resistance welding, Spot welding, Ultrasonic welding, Cold Metal Transfer (CMT), Manual and Robotic MIG/TIG Welding.

silk screen
Silk screen

In house capability for Silk Screen printing is used for printing logos and part identification information onto flat surfaces.

pad printing
Pad Printing

In house capability for Pad printing is used for printing logos and part identification information onto curved surfaces.


Assembly and tuning lines are designed around product specifications and offer an integrated data collection and gating system.

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